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Hydro-Dye Liquid Carpet Dye
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The Hydro-Dye Carpet Dyeing System was designed for Bridgepoint and Hydro-Force dealers and is still available in all of their stores. We manufacture and ship all of the dye from our factory in Newberg, Oregon. The system is designed to be used with the Hydro-Force Sprayer. It is very easy to use, fast and economical. There are 26 available colors to choose from. The dye is in liquid concentrate form with all the needed chemicals to give a perfect dye job every time. Container sizes are 5 quarts and 8 ounces.

Hydro-Dye liquid carpet dye is available in the following colors:

Royal Blue
Dark Tan
Dark Gray
Light Gray
Dark Rose
Navy Blue
Hunter Green
Dark Green
Neutral Color
Dark Brown
Cocoa Brown
Dark Gold

HYDRO-DYE CARPET DYEING SYSTEM (8 oz - $14.95 ; 5 quarts - $49.95) - Extra strong liquid dye mixed with all the necessary chemicals. Packed in 5 quart container. Designed to be used with Hydro-Force in-line sprayer and truck mount or portable. Available in 24 colors. Colors are the same as Profession Dye in powder dye. 5 quart units can be shipped in concentrate to save on freight costs. Enough dye to make 20 gallon full-strength dye bath. Discounts on case orders when ordered from the factory. 

LIQUID WALL SHIELD (5 quarts - $32.95) - Special chemical mixture repels dye and protects painted walls. Must be used on all full-room dye jobs. Packed in 5 quart container to give greater ease in use, save time and money. Shipped in concentrate to save on shipping costs.

PRESPRAY FOR CARPET DYEING (5 quarts - $32.95) - Improves strike rate, penetration and leveling of dye and saves time and money. Necessary for all dye jobs. Shipped in concentrate to save on shipping costs.

BLEACH NEUTRALIZER (ANTI-CHLOR) (1 gallon - $27.95) - Dilute 1:1 with water and apply to all bleach spots. Kills chlorine bleach deposits. Packed in concentrate form to save on shipping costs.

SPOT DYE KIT($235.00) - 12 colors plus bleach neutralizer, fiber ID acid, manual, video, color wheel, etc.  Discount on multiple kit orders when ordered from the factory. 

A Division of Americolor Corporation
8168 SW Durham Rd. Tigard OR 97224

Phone - (503) 670-DYES (3937)

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